About myself and how I got into doing pottery
A gallery of some of my work that is currently for sale
Welcome to Just Pottery!
Recipes to put my pottery to good use in your kitchen
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All of the clays and glazes used are
dinnerware safe, unless otherwise noted.
If you have any questions about a
particular piece or a particular glaze color,
please feel free to email me at

I hope you enjoy browsing the website as
much as we have enjoyed creating it!

You are invited to share the address of
this site with your friends.
I have been doing pottery for several
years now, and a number of my
friends, as well as my husband, have
convinced me to post this website and
offer some of my pieces for sale.
Deborah A. Twigg
Phone: (281) 313-1315
Email: twiggy@justpottery.net
Just Pottery
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