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A gallery of some of my work that is currently for sale
My name is Deborah Twigg,
by education I am a
therapist, by work
experience and training I am
a Human Resource
Professional, but by passion
and hobby I am a potter.
I have been doing pottery on
and off for over 18 years.
Recipes to put my pottery to good use in your kitchen
About Me
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In March 2004, I began throwing more consistently.
From January 2006 to July 2007, I participated in a
pottery class once a week - actually, it was more like a
social club of potters getting together to improve our
skills, as well as develop new skills. I would be remiss
if I did not thank these fellow potters for all of their
coaching, training, helpful hints, etc. They have helped
me hone my skills tremendously, and I am forever
endebted to them!
Deborah A. Twigg
Phone: (281) 313-1315
A very dear friend had convinced me to take an
introductory pottery class in 1994. I loved it and
continued doing pottery intermittently, as time and
resources would allow. To her, I am truly grateful!
Just Pottery
Hand Thrown Pottery