About myself and how I got into doing pottery
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Recipes to put my pottery to good use in your kitchen
Other Pottery Ware, such as Vases
Small and Medium Sized Pitchers
Small and Medium Sized Canisters with Lids
Small, Medium and Large Sized Bowls
Small, Medium and Large Mugs
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Deborah A. Twigg
Phone: (281) 313-1315
Email: twiggy@justpottery.net
All of my pottery is made from clay and
glazes that are safe to use with food,
unless otherwise noted. You may also
put the pieces in the dishwasher for
easy cleaning. Most of the pottery is also
oven safe, however, you must avoid
extreme changes in temperature, for
example from the refrigerator directly
into the oven!
If you would like to purchase a piece or have a question relating to a piece, please use the "Email
me to buy!" button (or use one of the other email links). Don't forget to include the item number in
the subject line of the email.
The galleries are divided by type of items and display recently created pieces.
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